Brandi Bratner : Sexy Stoner & Snowboarder
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I’m a girl from a town so small you wouldn’t believe. But the one thing we did have was a TV, so as soon as I turned 18 I just had to see. I jumped in my hooptey with no one to hold my hand and headed for Disneyland. Southern California was so fire I fit in perfectly, everyone trying to find themselves and up for any adventure just like me. I tried desperately to juggle going to school with work and my new found fun but it was just too much. While in college I answered an ad to pose for an Art Class and soon found that being naked for Artists paid better than pushing pencils at Staples. A good friend said I should take my modeling in a new direction so here I am. I know that beauty doesn’t last, so while I’m young and having fun I thought this is a good way to make some money for my eventual return to school. I really hope you come along with me and I can entertain you and bring a smile to your face. My goal is to one day be an accountant. Now, wouldn’t you rather have me do your taxes instead of that guy from H&R Block?? :)Brandi Bratner Beautiful light

Brandi Bratner: Natural Beauty
Video:  Brandi Bratner: Natural Beauty